MEEES offers the service for supply, install, testing and commissioning for marine approved night vision cameras that use the latest technology for this purpose.

Starlight scope night vision systems are a light amplification technology.  They are the most affordable way to see in the dark.    Today’s systems offer unprecedented image resolution, incredible gain control, and much brighter images than older technology. New technology has made today’s systems lighter and smaller than ever before.

Night vision technology is become essential on the vessel as it has great advantages that make the navigation become easier and safer as it is essential for:

  • Vessel piloting and navigation
  • High Seas vessel identification
  • Night time mooring
  • Sea navigation buoys from much greater distance
  • Man overboard search and rescue


MEEES is an authorized service center for STARTLIGHT Company and can provide full service for the high quality marine approved product that has excellent performance, and this type of high technology night vision was installed on the below vessels:

  • HSC Queen Nefertiti (Arab Bridge Maritime).
  • HSC Babel (Arab Bridge Maritime).

And the feedback from both was satisfactory for all.