Eng. Ramzi Zaher
Managing Director

Directors’ Message

Dear valued clients,

It gives me a great pleasure to introduce MEEES Engineering for maintenance and services company. as a leading electrical engineering company in the fields of design, manufacturing, supply and installation of electronic, power, industrial automation and control systems.

Since MEEES Engineering was established in 2008, we have involved as reliable partner for undertaking different projects in the scope of work in the region, that because we avail ourselves to our clients insight merging those with our diversified capabilities and strong electrical experience to achieve the best electrical solutions.

Our philosophy is the satisfaction of our clients and our commitments to adopt the latest technologies are the primary forces driving MEEES Engineering.

We hope that this brochure conveys the philosophy, approach, capabilities, skills and achievements.

We are proud of our accomplishments, and we look confidently for a promising future for ourselves and for our clients.

Ramzi Zaher

Managing director




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PLC & SCADA programming

Automation division brings advanced instrumentation and control products and its services. With our strong application knowledge and trend-setting quality, we are able to offer unique and complete solutions to our clients


Building Management System BMS

As MEEES also dedicated company in the offshore projects, MEEES can design, supply and install complete BMS (Bulding Management System) for various projects and applicationsis

Electrical Systems


Power and Control Systems

MEEES Engineering offers wide and different services in power and control systems division to cover almost all the types of the industrial power and control systems and services

Multi Cat Service Boat Electrical Work (6)

Water Treatment System

MEEES offer solutions for industry where desalination of water and water quality is an issue. Depending on the needs and requirements of the customer

Electrical Services


Maintenance, troubleshooting and supply

In addition for all the previous MEEES also is the leading company in maintenance and troubleshooting services as it is offering maintenance work in all type of electrical distribution and generation


Electrical Goods Supply

Supply for a lot of marine products for electrical and mechanical for both new and reconditioned, we can deliver the same to any required destination,

Our Agencies

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Latest Projects

Operation Data Recorder

Supply, program, installation, testing and commissioning of Operation Data Recorder system at APC company, as the below: Program, installation, testing and commissioning of main computer screen. Program, installation, testing and commissioning of main PLC control panel. Cable pulling, termination and interface the system with the main existing PLC S7-400. Cable pulling, termination and interface theRead more "Operation Data Recorder"

Multi Cat Service Boat Electrical Work

Multi cat Service boat electrical work supply, design, installation, assembly, testing and commissioning, as the below: Electrical control system for main engine supply, installation, testing and commissioning. Main electrical control console at wheel house. All electrical machineries panels. Main switchboard with all required metering and protection. Engine control and monitoring system. Main switchboard and distributionRead more "Meees Enigneering for Maintenance and Services"

Chemical factory Industrial Automation

Electrical work for chemical factory including design, assembly, installation, testing and commissioning of entire electrical and control work including the below: Main redundant PLC control and monitoring panel including all I/O's required for the system. Operator monitoring and control SCADA stations. Acid tanks level monitoring and pumping control. Fresh water tanks level monitoring and pumpingRead more "Meees Enigneering for Maintenance and Services"

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