As MEEES also dedicated company in the offshore projects, MEEES can design, supply and install complete BMS (Bulding Management System) for various projects and applicationsis with reliable system and friendly interface software.

BMS is A micro-processor based system which centralizes and simplifies controlling monitoring operation and management of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation & other building services to achieve:

  • safe and comfortable working environment.
  • energy saving & efficient operation.
  • reduce time & cost.


BMS has a lot of benefits and features that will enhance the system operation as follows:

  • Improved indoor environment quality
  • Faster response to occupant needs, end-user complaints, trouble conditions
  • Maintenance Savings by efficient control gives less wear and strain of mechanical equipment and runtime monitoring alerts timely maintenance of equipment
  • Energy Savings by eliminates unnecessary system operation and helps you to take steps to reduce energy consumption like: Optimum-Start Night-Purging and Time-Scheduling
  • Timely and effective control by alerting your employees when your facility is not operating correctly, reduce troubleshooting and down time and Remote access connectivity without site visits.
  • Improved management reporting by Providing valuable real-time data and Creates reports and charts.