Maintenance, troubleshooting and supply:

In addition for all the previous MEEES also is the leading company in maintenance and troubleshooting services as it is offering maintenance work in all type of electrical distribution and generation, electronics, control, fire alarm systems and plc operation systems.

MEEES does not only offers maintenance, but also gives solutions for replacing or upgrading system in the domain of the work.

Our service team has gained an enviable reputation for its 24/7 support and our service centre is well equipped to service and test most of the electrical, electronic, control and Automation equipments. Our multidisciplinary technical staff comprised of engineers and technicians provide a wide spectrum of support in the following areas:

  • Power systems, electrical generator, and distribution systems.
  • Electronics boards repair.
  • Interfacing Solutions
  • Supply & Installations of electrical equipments (control, low current systems, power systems … etc)
  • Design, assembly, install, testing and commissioning of control systems.
  • Spare part supports: MEEES can support of supply spare parts for most of the suppliers as it has large base of Supplier to deal with, we can supply spare parts for: electrical generators, switch boards, control systems, powers systems, low current systems … etc.
  • Electrical and control material support:

Supply all type of electrical and control system parts as: temperature sensors, pressure sensors, speed sensors, level sensors, flow sensors, temperature controllers, pressure controllers, speed controllers, multiprocessing controllers, and level controllers.