Boat construction and assembly:

MEEES offers and undertakes complete boat construction for designing, installing, testing, commissioning and service for all the electrical, electronics and navigation equipments. MEEES has finished up to moments more than 10 complete boats with all the electrical devices design, install, assembly, testing and commissioning inside, as follows:

  • Complete design and assemble engine control panel, with plc programming for safety parameters of the engine, and also conventional safety and control systems.
  • Complete design and assemble navigation console that contains the entire control devices for whole boat.
  • Installing all the lighting and power systems in the boat.
  • Installing all the required navigation equipments on the boat.
  • Installing monitoring digital temperature and pressure gauges for the main engine.
  • Installing digital level indicator for the tanks levels in the boats.
  • Installing navigation lights system on the boat.
  • Safety alarms and shutdown.